Really Zillow?

Zestimate (Zillow’s estimate) on this home was $578,637 Really Zillow???? – Come on! I just closed escrow on this amazing home today! Final sales price after just 5 days on the market, $670,000! Setting a new record price per square foot for the neighborhood!

Don’t gamble with your biggest asset, if you want to
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Marketing Matters!!!

A Legendary Architect

Today everyone seems to want a home that is architecturally significant.  Name dropping is a huge real estate marketing trend these days, so I decided to write a post dedicated to one of my favorites architects- Paul R. Williams-One of…

Pre-Sale Detail

If you have ever sold or traded in a car, you more than likely had it detailed beforehand.  Maybe you even changed out the windshield wipers or replaced the tires.  You did these things because you wanted to get top…