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Pre-Sale Detail

If you have ever sold or traded in a car, you more than likely had it detailed beforehand.  Maybe you even changed out the windshield wipers or replaced the tires.  You did these things because you wanted to get top dollar for your car right? When you go to purchase something, you are likely to purchase something shiny and bright not dull and dirty.  

The same idea applies when listing your home for sale.  Your REALTOR should go over a check list with you before you list your home.  I am not talking about major items necessarily but simple items like strapping your water heater, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and cleaning.  

One would assume that homeowners would take the time to do some detailing.  We are talking about one of your biggest assets here!  The return you will get on the time and money you spend completing these items will be more than worth it, I PROMISE!  

How big is your nest egg?

Last summer I listed a cute little home in Burbank.  The couple who owned it, had originally listed it with another agent in January of 2012 for $475,000 and it never sold. In August of 2013, along comes yours truly, who told them that they should list for $575,000.  They literally thought I was crazy!  We settled on a list price of $549,000.  Within a week I had a dozen offers, and we ended up selling for $610,000. Today that cute little house is worth even more than $610,000!!

Click here if you want to know how big your nest egg is!

1890 Idlewood Road

Sorry, I am a little behind! Since so many of you asked me about this property, I wanted to let you know that it has officially closed escrow.  It was originally listed for $839,000 and the final sales price was, $1,000,000! 

I told you all that this one would sell for well over asking.   I know most of you thought I was crazy!  So here it goes, I TOLD YA SO!!!!!  I am a Glendale native and full time REALTOR, I know a little about real estate

The mid-century style is high in demand these days so much so that this home got a mention on CurbedLA

Thank you Cheryl for the reminder about this house and for inviting me over to see your new remodel yesterday, it looks amazing!  I am glad you decided to stay put, I enjoy having your for a client, neighbor and  most of all, friend! 

Adams Hill-SOLD

This Jewel City Gem is located at 1323 Adams Street.  It is a 2 bedroom 1 bath home with just 924 square feet of living space.  It was listed for $499,000 and closed escrow today for $521,000- a price of $563.85 a square foot! 

If you would like to know what your Adams Hill home is worth call me today!

What Pet Friendly Really Means

Have you ever noticed a sign in front of an apartment complex that reads "PET FRIENDLY"?  Most pet owners would be happy to see that sign, right?  But they probably haven't given much thought to the fact that they will be living in a complex with other dogs, lots of other dogs.  Think about it, how many non-pet owners would choose to live in a "PET FRIENDLY" building? 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking for a pet friendly place to live:
  • Some complexes charge a pet rent fee
  • Your security deposit will be higher
  • You will be dealing with noise from neighboring pets which could possibly cause your pet to make some noise
  • Flea problems
  • Messes left behind from irresponsible pet owners

If you are seriously looking for a pet friendly place to live, why not consider buying one instead of leasing one? 

Adams Hill Is On FIRE!

Check out this record sale in Adams Hill!  Located at 1400 Stanford, this amazing Spanish home just closed escrow for $1,070,000 making it the highest priced sale so far this year in the 91205 zip. 

Adams Hill's close proximity to downtown LA has made this quiet pocket of Glendale one of the most desired areas to live.  If you don't believe me, just check out April's edition of LA Magazine! 
Wondering what your Adams Hill home is worth?  Call me today to find out!

Brand Park Library Open House

If you are looking for something fun to do this Sunday  you may just want to head over to the Brand Park Library-Open House.  There will be all kinds of events including a Tai Chi demonstration , GPD K-9 dogs, food trucks and more!  The event begins at 12:30, see you there!


Yes, we had a little shake and bake today.  As a survivor of both the Sylmar and Northridge earthquakes, I can honestly tell you that I am as prepared for an earthquake as a person could be.  Are you?

I keep a flashlight next to my nightstand, in fact every bedroom in my house has a flashlight.  I also keep a flashlight in my car.  I always keep a good supply of water in case of emergency as well as a supply of non-perishable food items.  We all know the routine, right?

What you may not have thought about is your pets.  Pet experts say that dogs often run away and cats often hide after an earthquake.  Make sure tags are up to date and that all of your pets are micro-chipped.  It is also important to keep a supply of pet food and meds available in case of emergency. 

So while you are out today getting your kit together, make sure to put one together for Fido!

Your property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it!

An associate in my office told me about a listing she was getting in the 90065 area.  I was able to tell a few clients about it before it went into the MLS.  I knew it was a great property and that it would sell fast.  I had the slight advantage of knowing about it before it was in the MLS.  I say slight because she is an ethical agent and of course wanted to make sure she obtained top dollar for the home.  It's not like she would have entertained any offers before it was exposed to the MLS.

Considering the fact that she received 14 offers on the property, I am guessing that it is in escrow for well over asking price.  It was listed for $589,000 and last I heard she had offers of over $620,000.  I am sure it is in escrow for over $650,000!  Did she under price the property?  I ran the numbers and I would say she was spot on with her list price, based on the recent sales in the area.  So why in the world would it sell for so much more than list price? 

For starters the home is located in a highly desirable area of LA.  In case you haven't heard, downtown LA has become a very glamorous place to live which is why it has become so expensive.  This property is adjacent to DTLA and close to the freeway making it very attractive to buyers.  It addition, this property has been well maintained over the years and it is perched up on a knoll with no surrounding properties.  Who ever gets this home should feel as though they won the lottery! 

Wondering what your property is currently worth?  Click here for an general idea of the current values in your area.  If you are seriously thinking of making a move, call me today! 

Attention 91201 Sellers!

As of today, only seven homes have sold in the 91201 zip code this year.  That is because inventory is so low and there aren't enough homes available for sale to keep up with the demand.  Currently, there are only nine properties for sale in the 91201 zip code! 

If you are planning to sell your home in 2014, you need to act now.  Spring has sprung and the buying season has begun.  Today's buyers are willing to pay top dollar!  Call me today for a customized marketing plan, guaranteed to maximize your homes value!

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