Saltbox Home

One of the many things that I love about living here in Glendale is that we have so many different types of architecture throughout the city. I have always loved this charming Saltbox style home on Allen.  Not only do I drive past it daily, I actually attended high school with someone who used lived there. The Saltbox-style home isn’t very common here in Glendale but I have spent quite a bit of time in […]

Easy? NO! Rewarding? YES!

When I was a kid my mom always used to say “anything worth having is worth working for” I apply that to my real estate business. For some crazy reason, a lot of people think that this is an “Easy Money” business, but nothing could be further from the truth! Here’s a perfect example, I just closed escrow on this Adams Hill home. I met the sellers two years ago at another Adams Hill listing […]

Growing up in Glendale

This home on Virginia Avenue just hit the market last week for the first time since 1961.  Not only did I walk by this home almost every single day of my childhood, I spent a lot of time in this house too.  I grew up on this street and I knew just about every family on my block. Glendale was such a great town to grow up in.  My siblings and I walked to school […]

Happy Anniversary Americana!

This month marks the Americana’s 8th anniversary. It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when there was so much controversy about the development of what is now knows as Glendale’s biggest attraction! When was the last time you visited the Americana?  You may want to take advantage of  the Americana’s popular event known as Date night .  Purchase a Date Night Package for only $35 per person and enjoy a three-course meal from Bourbon Steak, […]

The Four Agreements

Those of you who know me, know that one of my favorite books is the Four Agreements.  I have purchased several copies and I have given it to many people.  It’s a code of conduct that can pretty much transform your life in such an amazing way. These Four Agreements (see photo) come in handy when trying to keep my clients focused on their real estate goals.  In this highly competitive market it’s easy for […]

Boyle Heights

My client saw this cute little house on one of the real estate portals.  She was so excited to see that is was listed for just $499,000.  Why would this darling house be listed for so cheap??  Remember the #1 rule in real estate?  LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION!  This home is in Boyle Heights. It just so happens that I know this area pretty well.  Yes I know this is an up and coming area but would you […]

$908 Bucks A Square Foot In Highland Park

I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at this Mod-Cottage in HP. This fantastic 2 bedroom 1 bath flip is situated on a small 2,039 SF lot with 600 SF of living space and some pretty nice views. This HP Mod-Cottage can be yours for just $908 bucks a SF. Yes this market has gone stark raving mad! My guess is that it will sell right away.

Trends In Real Estate

In case you haven’t noticed, the new trend in marketing homes is to sell a life style.  You know what I mean…picture yourself coming home after a long days work to this amazing view home and pouring yourself a glass of wine, blah-blah-blah.  Just the other day one of my clients said “who writes this stuff, what a joke?”.  I had to laugh because it wasn’t long ago that agents were told that we couldn’t […]

NEW Adams Hill Listing!

OPEN SUNDAY 3/20 from 1:00-4:00 This amazing Traditional home is one of the many reasons why Adams Hill was recently voted one of LA’s hottest neighborhoods! Sited on a street to street lot, this home offers an open floor plan suited for today’s casual lifestyle. Special details include a custom built kitchen that opens to both dining and living room areas. The new rooftop patio is the perfect place to open an bottle of wine […]

One good way to piss off dozens of people-

As if things aren’t bad enough for buyers and their agents today.  This completely remodeled cute little house hit the market last week for way under market value at $550,000.  Even if it was a dump it would have been under priced! It’s more than likely that hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of buyers saw this on all of the real estate portals.  Most of those buyers probably thought if they contacted the listing agent […]