It’s slim pickings in the 91201

WOW, it’s hard to believe that there are only 11 homes currently listed for sale in the 91201 zip code.  This makes it pretty tough for buyers looking to purchase in the area.  If you are thinking of making a move call me today, it’s a seller’s market!

Check out this NW Glendale home that just sold for $1,150,000

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.25.57 PM

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It’s raining, it’s pouring….

The other day my neighbor was nice enough to remind me to shut of my sprinkler timers.  Even though its raining we are still experiencing a drought, every drop of water we can conserve counts.

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How Social Media Can Help Sell Your Home

I was recently on a listing appointment.  The owners had only lived in the home for a couple of years.  I asked them why they called me instead of the agent that represented them when they purchased.  They said “our agent didn’t find us this house, we found it ourselves!”  They had spent quite a bit of time on the internet searching on various real estate websites when they can across their home.  One of the main reasons why they called me, was because of my social media/internet presence.

I have always said, your first showing is via the internet.  This means you better have an agent that is social media savvy and knows how to market your home.  Gone are the days when buyers had to rely on getting all of their info from their agent.  Today’s serious buyers don’t wait for their agent to let them know about a new listing.  Today’s buyers are relying on social media to let them know as soon as a property is listed.  This means your home better stand out when they see it!

Still not sold on the importance of social media?  Last year I sold a listing in Burbank.  The selling agent said that her clients saw the listing on Trulia.  They had not even been looking in the Burbank area.  They decided to venture out into different areas after being discouraged in the area they originally started looking in.  I could share dozens of these types of stories with you!

Whether you are a buyer or seller, make sure you are working with an agent that knows how to use all of the best tools available today!

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Celebrate The Holidays

One of the great things about living where we live, is that we have easy access to so many fun things to do during the holidays.

This year I plan to take my nieces to the LA Zoo for the Zoo Light display.  This magical event is a self guided tour featuring 3D projections and interactive displays.  For more info and tickets click here.

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Tis The Season

The holiday season is here which means thieves are on the prowl!  We all know the drill, lock up, leave lights on, don’t leave valuables in the car etc.  But what you may not think about is the fact that thieves often use social media to find out if and when a homeowner is going to be away from home.  Just about everything is public record these days, thanks to the internet!

Here is a social media safety tip:  DO NOT post things about being out of town or even just shopping.  For example don’t post something like “I am at the mall fighting the crowds” or “Looking forward to meeting the girls for some holiday cheer tonight”.  As one Glendale Police Officer told me, feel free to post where you have been just don’t post where you are going.

Remember,  if you see something suspicious don’t hesitate to notify police.

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Important Tip For Buyers When Visiting Open Houses

Today it’s not uncommon for buyers to wander into open houses unaccompanied by their agent.  Sometimes it’s just easier to view a house when it’s open and I totally understand that.  But remember that the listing agent is paying close attention to what you say.

This is important especially if you are interested in the property and you end up in a multiple offer situation.  When I present multiple offers to my seller, we are going to take several things into consideration when making our decision.  So when your agent sends over your offer with that cute letter that has your photo on it… get where I am going with this right?

If you are house hunting and you stumble into a home that you like, mind your manners, its just common courtesy.





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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..

The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without people asking me if this is a bad time of year to sell.  My answer is always the same, it’s a great time to sell!  Buyers that are house hunting at this time of year are serious and sellers that list their homes at this time of year are serious too!

Last week I closed escrow on this amazing condo in Hollywood.  It went into escrow after just 2 weeks on the market!

web_living room

Yesterday, I closed escrow on this beautiful home.  I had multiple offers in less than 1 week on the market!

front exterior

Last week I listed this amazing Adams Hill home and I already have multiple offers!

front exterior

If you would like to have a Holly Jolly Christmas, call me today!




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Cops For Kids

The Glendale Police Officer’s Association is holding a Poker Tournament this Saturday at the Glendale Elk’s Lodge from 5:00-10:00 PM.  Proceeds will benefit Cops For Kids.  Stop in a have some fun and support a good cause!



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Decorating/Staging Tip

I just had my new listing in Adams Hill staged last week.  In the dining room there was a large window that looks out on to a concrete wall.  There were no window treatments on the window.  The stager suggested that I go to Ikea and purchase a rod and several sets of panels.  The panels that she suggested are a mosquito netting type of fabric.  I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical but when she told me that each set of panels were less than $4 I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Here is the final result.  The entire window treatment cost less that $35.  The great thing about the panels is that they come in a very long length and they don’t need to be hemmed, they simply need to be cut and left to drape slightly at the floor.  Each package comes with 2 panels.  I had several compliments on the window treatment at my open house.

Oh and by the way, I have multiple offers on this property!


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.31.29 PM



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Eko-Luxury In Glendale

This is the former home of a high school classmate of mine.  An investor purchased it and turned it into an Eko-Luxury home, but would you pay $899,900 to live on the corner of Concord and Patterson in Glendale?

The home is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with 1,860 square feet of living space on a 5,658 square foot lot.  The home has been completely renovated and is about as Eko Friendly as a home could ever be.  I have to admit it looks lovely from the photo’s.  I actually met the investor at one of my listings and he referred to his flips as “homes of the future”.  I liked his concept!

I will keep you posted on this one!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.37.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.37.51 PM

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